How to spray an AMD wraith prism

Painting computer components sounds terrifying to most, at least to those who don’t dare anyway, after getting a whole new PC there’s nothing worse than when a couple of the components ruin the aesthetic. The AMD Wraith Prism CPU cooler is an amazing looking fan, partnered with cooler master they made a very clean and minimal design that works really well for air cooling too. The only downside? It only comes in one color, black. Not exactly matching most builds on the market.

As you can see here this AMD Wraith Prism is completely taking away from this all white build. So to get started, remove the entire heat sink from the computer, one that’s done taking the fan off the heat sink is very straightforward with a few clips pulled away it just comes straight off. These clips are under the fan by the heat sink. Be careful not to get thermal paste on you, you may even find it beneficial to remove the thermal paste and re apply at the very end.

Now that it’s off you will want to get a Phillips screwdriver (+) and undo the 4 screws on the underneath of the shroud once you’ve got each one from each corner you will see that the fan just comes straight apart into 2 like so

Once this is the case there is a thin clear plastic in-between the gap of the top part of the fan, this needs just prodding out with something small (if you use something like a nail then just be careful not to crack the plastic. Once you have this out then it’s just the little AMD logo that needs removing as this is also RGB and can’t be painted over or there no light coming through. This process is simple once the clear plastic is out you can use the same thing to prod this out too however this is a very soft material and can just be peeled off like tape from the inside.

Now with the top of the fan not containing any electrical wires or LED’s it’s safe to spray so let’s get started.

First a fine layer of spray paint to cover the whole top, the insides not that you can’t see this when the fan it put back together, waiting patiently for the first layer to set is vital and i would advise reading the directions on the can to know how long to wait as different brands have different times.

After the first layer has set another slightly thicker layer of spray paint should now be evenly applied, again waiting for this to set

Once this has dried I would advise a third layer be sprayed on finely again as the second layer should have covered most. This layer is just to get to those places it may have not gone one evenly. If you find that that spray paint you used hasn’t got as good coverage it’s recommended to repeat these three stages until happy with the results. 

Now waiting for the paint to completely dry is a must before putting it back together or anywhere near a computer, again a specified amount of time to wait for the paint to dry should be on the can. After waiting for the paint to dry and testing it out it’s time to put it all back together.

Putting it back together consists of placing the AMD logo back into the corner first and pressing hard until it’s in firm, it doesn’t matter too much if it’s no longer sticky as next we put the clear plastic ring back in and that will stop the logo from falling out. After everything’s back in where it should be the fan goes back together with the same 4 screws as before, after the screws are in each corner and tight you will have something that resembles this

This now just needs reattaching to the heat sink which is using those same clips again from earlier so line it up correctly and a big solid push together gets the fan all back together. For those who removed the thermal paste earlier it’s not time to re apply, the cooler just needs mounting back onto the motherboard with the appropriate mount and all is done

The end result can vary on how much detail went into painting but you can see here how much it helps it fit into the rest of the computer’s color scheme! 

And it still looks great with the RGB, a job very well done. 

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