How to make a custom GPU back plate

Creating a custom back plate for a graphics card is something a lot of online stores have done for a while but the cost of buying one compared to making one yourself is crazy so the first thing first. What you need: Acrylic sheet Masking tape or vinyl cut in a desired design Spray paint … Read more

How to spray a graphics card

When painting a graphics card the steps are mostly universal, the card I’ve used is the Palit GTX 960, a more modest graphics card but the instructions will still apply. To start with we’re going to remove all of the screws on the bottom of the card as you can see I’m part way through … Read more

How to spray an AMD wraith prism

Painting computer components sounds terrifying to most, at least to those who don’t dare anyway, after getting a whole new PC there’s nothing worse than when a couple of the components ruin the aesthetic. The AMD Wraith Prism CPU cooler is an amazing looking fan, partnered with cooler master they made a very clean and … Read more